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Mijn naam is Wendy Schoonhoven, ik ben getrouwd en samen hebben wij 2 zoons. Ik zal hier regelmatig mijn zelfgemaakte creaties laten zien. Bedankt dat je even kwam kijken, xxx Wendy.

donderdag 13 september 2007

Present from Bep

This week a present from a scrapfriend arrived in my mailbox....I knew something was coming, but never did I expect this much!! Bep from the ScrappenDoeJeZo forum knew how much I loved her Magnolia stamps and offered to make some prints for me at the Sunshine book workshop and she did....but then she e-mailed me for my adress and this is what I found in the mail...Bep, I really love what you send me and I am having so much fun making cards with these prints.....thank you su much,xxxxx Wendy.

2 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Oooh, thats sweet! Love those stamps, and Bep makes beautifull cards! Enjoy your present Lia! :)

Lia zei

Hihi, Inge:) really can't keep us apart, even if she can read you're real name on your blog! ;-)

So sweet of Bep!! You both make beautifull cards!!

The one and only Lia ;-)