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Mijn naam is Wendy Schoonhoven, ik ben getrouwd en samen hebben wij 2 zoons. Ik zal hier regelmatig mijn zelfgemaakte creaties laten zien. Bedankt dat je even kwam kijken, xxx Wendy.

zondag 16 december 2007

Magnolia card

I made this Magnolia card for someone who gave me a real cool present and didn't want anything in return. I could persuade her to send her a home made card....so this is what I made for her....

We've been real busy lately. My father in law broke his foot about a month ago, but because he is a diabetic, his wound didn't heal and he got infected with a bacteria that didn't go away...so the doctors had to amputate his foot....He was supposed to go home over a week ago, but the infection came back and now they will probably have to amputate above the knee....which is bad, because it makes recovering so much more difficult....We still hope for the best. Tomorrow he will hear if his knee can be saved, so it is still an uncertain time for him. My husband visits him everyday and the children and I go with him as much as we can...We hope things wil turn for the best real soon...
Sorry for this sad story....hope you still can enjoy the rest of this weekend, xxx Wendy.

2 opmerkingen:

Elly zei

Wat een rottijd voor jullie familie, ik hoop op het allerbeste!

Janny zei

ik hoop dat het allemaal gaat meevallen Wendy, sterkte hoor!