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Mijn naam is Wendy Schoonhoven, ik ben getrouwd en samen hebben wij 2 zoons. Ik zal hier regelmatig mijn zelfgemaakte creaties laten zien. Bedankt dat je even kwam kijken, xxx Wendy.

woensdag 5 maart 2008

Tagged again....

I've been tagged again, now by Iris Babao Uy. Thanks sweety, so nice of you to think of me!!

So, here are 7 random facts about me:

1. I'm the oldest daughter of 8 children
2. I really love foreign food, especially Italian and Greek food
3. I hate dishonesty and avoid people I can't trust
4. I'm a real emotional type of person, cry my eyes out when I hear, read or see
something that really moves me ( and I'm moved easily!!)
5. I am a romantic kind of person, love roses and pink
6. I love to read books, my mom actually had to drag me outside sometimes to play
when I was a little girl and wanted to stay inside to read my books
7. I love love love country music and Collin Ray is my favorite

So, these are some random facts that helps you to get to know me a little bit better. I tag the following persons, hoping they don't mind participating....
Danielle Flanders
Ria Mojica
Have fun with this tag, xxxWendy.

6 opmerkingen:

iris zei

Wendy, you are just the type of person I'd like to hand out with. I also cry easily (soap operas will do the trick), and I love love Itallian food! yumm! Thanks for doing this. I enjoyed reading about you.

Janny zei

leuk te lezen Wendy en in vele dingen kan ik me wel vinden!

Drea zei

Wow.........My husband and I HAVE 8 children!! (We have been married 22 years!)

So glad I found you through Iris' blog!

Marga zei

Leuk om die weetjes over je te lezen Wendy :) Bedankt trouwens voor het taggen, ik zal zo snel mogelijk even tijd maken om het in te vullen :)

Elly zei

Hoi Wendy, bedankt voor het taggen! Je komt trouwens uit een groot gezin, leuk lijkt me dat! En ben jij ook al zo'n snotteraar? Sinds ik kinderen heb is het bij mij helemaal erg! Ha, en ook al zo'n pink-lover! Lekker romantisch toch!?!

Diane zei

Wow, we are alike in a lot of ways! (except for the being one of 8 children. I'm an only child!) LOL.